Homeownership options, 35 percent less density in new Island Hills plan from Rechler


In a press release, Rechler Equity Partners outlined a revised concept for the former Island Hills golf course, named South Bay Village "following extensive and unique public outreach process."

"Based on community feedback, development is 35 percent less dense, traffic reduced, 35 percent of homes for ownership, 55 percent of all homes age-restricted, single-family residences line periphery of property," said Rechler in a statement.

Following an initial round of community feedback based on its 2017 concept, "Rechler Equity set out to foster a productive discourse about a revised vision. To do so, the developer engaged five members from various communities in the greater Sayville area to host meetings with civic groups, business leaders and other stakeholders to encourage productive dialogue about the property."

The Island Hills Advisory Committee (IHAC), published a website where other residents had the ability to share their thoughts. The IHAC then produced a report that they shared with Rechler Equity and has now been made public.

"After assessing the public feedback gathered by a committee of five community members, the developer’s revised concept includes a 35 percent reduction in density from the original 2017 proposal, a significant reduction in traffic, for-sale homes totaling 35 percent of the development, age restrictions on 55 percent of homes, a layout that ensures single-family homes line the periphery of the property and minimizes traffic impact to surrounding roadways," said Rechler.

“As we set out to envision a concept that would better fit within the Sayville community, we knew we needed to find a creative way to communicate with stakeholders,” said Gregg Rechler, co-managing partner of Rechler Equity. “We were able to use the IHAC’s report as a guiding light for our revised concept to address key topics identified by the community, including a reduction in overall density, the inclusion of home-ownership options, age restricted homes and single-family homes that neighbor the surrounding blocks.”

Additional community benefits in the revised plan includes the expansion of wastewater infrastructure in the area, shuttles to downtown and the railroad station, and an increase in school tax revenue.

“Rechler Equity prides itself not only on the developments we create, but our long-term commitments to property operations and maintenance,” said Mitchell Rechler, co-managing partner of Rechler Equity. “When we invest in a community, we do so for the long haul, which incentivizes us to create concepts that mesh with the existing fabric of the surrounding community. We believe that this fruitful approach to our outreach process has allowed us to do just that.”

The IHAC report utilized for the South Bay Village village can be found at www.islandhillscommittee.com.

Additional specifications of the new Island Hills plan can be found www.southbayvillage.com.


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