Winter storm slams Long Island

Residents cook up delectable meals while snowed in


A winter storm dropped more than 23 inches of snow on Long Island Friday night into Saturday, leaving local residents with a Sunday filled with digging out or playing in the snow.

Snowed in, local residents took to their kitchens and cooked up a storm of culinary delights, from sweet to savory, to keep warm during the sub-freezing temperatures.

The National Weather Service said that the storm produced the second-highest daily snowfall on record for Long Island, with MacArthur Airport in Islip measuring 23.2 inches of snow at the end of the storm.
Despite the lack of expected new snowfall in the next few days, authorities warned of hazards such as black ice on the roads due to melting snow freezing at night when the temperatures drop. In addition, it is important to keep sidewalks and fire hydrants clear of snow to help those on the street and the fire department in case of an emergency.
Coming up this weekend, temperatures will be frigid, according to the Weather Channel, with highs in the low 30s. Friday will be a bit warmer, around 40 degrees, but will be a wet one with rain all day.


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