Why you should ‘shop small’


Small Business Saturday, on Saturday, Nov. 30 this year, tends to be an afterthought of the Christmas-shopping marketing discussion. It’s like the holiday shopping season’s “middle child.” You spend a lot of time planning for Black Friday: where you’ll go, what the best deals are, and how to avoid getting trampled. While you do that, you’re also thinking about what you can get for an even better deal without leaving your house come Cyber Monday. Left behind is Small Business Saturday, where your neighbors and friends put themselves out there to give you quality products that you’ll love. 

“Shopping small” not only supports your community, but helps it thrive. A Maine study reported that for every $100 spent at a local independent retail store, $58 is generated for the local economy, compared to just $33 for a chain store. And a 2015 study says that the consolidation of larger retail companies has contributed to the increasing wage gap in the United States, while shopping locally strengthens the middle class. Other studies have shown a positive correlation among civic engagement, community well-being, and a thriving local market.

But it all comes down to the first point: These shop owners are your neighbors and friends. Their income goes toward putting their daughter through college or their son in piano lessons. Your money goes toward supporting the other neighbors and friends whom they employ. So instead of worrying about how you’ll squeeze through the door of your local big-box store on Black Friday, make a plan to support your community by shopping small.

Also, be grateful and donate

This week, please take a moment to donate to those in need.

Imagine all the people we could feed if everyone with an extra dollar or two dropped off a few cans and boxes of nonperishables. Even a $10 donation could help feed a family that might not otherwise have a meal this holiday. So many need help, even after Thanksgiving Day. Make the choice to extend your thankfulness.


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