Scholarship recipient dedicated to helping the community

Geneseo freshman vows to ‘advocate’ for the downtrodden


Sarah Ramsundar, a 2022 graduate of Sayville High School, was a recipient of the South Shore College Women’s Club scholarship for $1,000. This fall, Ramsundar is a freshman at the State University of New York in Geneseo, who will be studying political science with hopes to start law school after graduation.

According to SSCW president Virginia Farrell, Ramsundar was selected for her community service and dedication to serving elders in her neighborhood as demonstrated by her commitment to a local thrift shop.

“Sarah’s dedication to helping those in need by volunteering at a local thrift store coupled with her ambitions for law, presented us with an applicant we felt would give back to her community,” said Farrell.

“Sarah’s outgoing personality and eagerness to bring about change in today’s society and the love she has for others is one of her greatest assets. She is intelligent, diligent, resilient, determined, dedicated, and confident in who she is, and we are so very proud of her accomplishments and very excited to see what the future has in store for her,” said Ramsundar’s mother, Nirry.

Ramsundar credited her family and the organization for her success.

“This is the result of people in my life believing in me and pouring into the continuation of education, such as the SSCW as well as family members and friends,” she said. With a lifelong interest in helping people in need, Ramsundar hopes to “acquire knowledge and respectable credentials to lead to a path to help those in dangerous, unsafe, or unjust situations… giving back to [my] generous communities through advocating within the legal institutions.”

The scholarship criteria places a heavy emphasis on leadership and commitment to community service. Applicants are required to get an outside recommendation from one of their community service organizations in addition to the traditional teacher recommendations. Grades are also factors, but generally winners have overall grades in the 90 to 95 average range, and needs-base is also factored into the equation.

“We look for students who are pursuing a career in more of a service-oriented career. Past winners have become teachers, nurses, physical therapists, and veterinarians,” said Farrell.

The SSCW has been in existence since 1919 and was once part of American Association of University Women, with most members having been teachers and their friends in Sayville/Bayport and the surrounding areas. Originally, the scholarship was for $250 and has since grown to $1,000 to each young woman.

For many years, they hosted a bake sale at Sayville Ferries as their primary fundraiser, but since the pandemic, the group has relied on the online “spins” (a type of raffle), where they have given away iPads and Dyson heat-wrap hair dryers. Typically, there are five meetings a year, where members take turns bringing small raffle items and conduct a 50/50.


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