New stop signs for Corey and Middle


A new traffic study will be done at the intersection of Corey Avenue and Middle Road where the popular Corey Beach, Flo’s, Bodhi’s, and other attractions often see hundreds of motorists and pedestrians during the summer months.

There are stop signs on the north and south intersection, but local residents and elected officials have been calling for stop signs on the east and west intersection (i.e. on Middle Road), as that has been a site for multiple crashes and injuries over the years.

Previous traffic studies have been conducted at this intersection and those have resulted in signage for pedestrians, but local residents have pointed out that the studies were conducted in the off-season and were not reflective of the heavy auto and foot traffic in the intersection during the spring and summer months.

This traffic study is planned to be conducted this summer and will possibly reflect what local residents have brought up to elected officials about the need for additional safety measures.

Following an additional pedestrian count conducted by the Suffolk County Department of Public Works, it was determined that crosswalks and requisite signage would be installed at all four approaches of the intersection in spring of 2022.

Former legislator Rob Calarco was described as a “longtime proponent” of improving the safety at the intersection, according to Blue Point Civic Association president Jason Borowski.

The legislator’s office was first contacted two years ago by community members in Blue Point, who were concerned for pedestrians at the busy intersection, which includes an active beach and restaurants.

“The initial traffic study of the area unfortunately indicated that no additional safety measures were warranted. When Bodhi’s opened up this year, it brought an increase in foot traffic to Corey Beach and the surrounding area,” said Borowski.

With the concern renewed in the community, Calarco then directed a second, expedited traffic study to be conducted to assess and determine the best course of action following this new development.

While the Suffolk County Department of Public Works stated that the traffic conditions did not meet the criteria for stop signs, they did note that increased pedestrian crossings warranted the installation of crosswalks and signage.

The purpose of the crosswalks and requisite signage was to raise awareness of pedestrians in the area with motorists, so that they will proceed with caution.


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