Local lab loves library!

Escaped pup heads for the books


Simon, a rescue dog from Blue Point, has been known to be an adventurous pupper.

He’s even earned the nickname “Notorious D.O.G.” from his dad.

This past week, he took a sojourn from his lovely home on Blue Point Avenue and walked himself all the way to the Bayport-Blue Point Library, where perplexed librarians were happy to see him, but concerned that his family was worried about him.

After a post on Facebook, Simon’s parents were quickly located and he was reunited with them.

According to his mom, Nancy, this is not the first time Simon has gone to the library, as he had previously hopped the fence to visit the old library on Blue Point Avenue.

Perhaps his super-doggy nose smelled the fresh treats at Mademoiselle’s and he wanted to sample the legendary confections himself.

It was confirmed by The Suffolk County News that peanut butter cookies and peanut and jelly cupcakes were on the menu the day that Simon went into the library, but savory prosciutto and turkey sandwiches may have been even more tempting.

Owner of Mademoiselle’s of the Library, Michelle Kelly, invites Simon to come back anytime (with his parents) to enjoy “a pawfic treat!”


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