High-flying art at aerodrome

Local pancake breakfast hosts talented photographer


The Bayport Aerodrome Society held its annual pancake breakfast this Sunday, May 22, with members donning short-order cooks titles and proudly displaying their aircrafts on a bright, clear-sky day.

“I’m lucky to have been a part of this event. It’s great to see our community come out and enjoy the antique airplanes we love here at Bayport Aerodrome. We welcome the public here on weekends, and hope to see more of the community stop by,” said Stuart Bain, a pilot and member of the society.

Bain’s wife, Annemarie, is the photographer for the society, and was on hand to catch the festivities, but also managed to snap some gorgeous, artistic shots with vintage glory in its composition.

Annmarie is a video producer and photographer from Ronkonkoma, an Army veteran, and Emmy Award winner.

“I am fortunate that my job is also my hobby. I love creating images and obsess daily about my next project,” said Bain.

Asked about her creative process, Bain said, “I look at a place or object and wonder, What story can I tell here that has never been told?”

She collaborates with local businesses and models to create unique images, and has Long Island as her unique and sole muse for background.

“I have an upcoming project with a Kings Park thrift shop (thrift shops are having their moment now) to highlight the elegance of the items for sale, and how awesome it is to shop at a thrift store,” said Bain, adding, “I love working with local businesses to shake things up and making them think beyond the typical, with new approaches, new directions.”

When Annemarie and Stuart first started dating, Stuart would take her to the aerodrome.

While not a pilot herself, Annemarie was able to connect with new friends, and she started creating videos to document the fly-ins and community events.

Eventually, it turned into more photography projects for fundraising, which transformed into collaborations with local models.

The airplanes based out of Bayport Aerodrome are all antiques, most of them World War II era. “All of them unique, still flying and beautiful,” said Annemarie. “I consider myself very lucky to be able to create images with these airplanes. I never take it for granted.”

Keeping in line with the vintage aircrafts, Annemarie was able to capture the perfect “girl back home” shot with pinup model Rosie Casaceli. Casaceli has an expansive and glorious victorious 1940s wardrobe and was asked to wear one for.


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