A special prize for their No. 1 customer


Jacob Slager, 16, from Bayport, loves a good burger and a good crowd.

Every Friday, Jacob and his parents go to local pub, Momo’s Too, for a classic burger and Diet Coke.

When The Suffolk County News featured Jacob getting his Christmas wish of riding to school in a police cruiser, his mother, Laura, said how happy she was to see a boy “who wants for nothing but a burger at Momo’s on a Friday night,” get his dream.

When Momo’s Too owner, Rich Comunale, and general manager, Carlos Arroyo, heard, they wanted to do something extra special for their No. 1 customer.

The next time Jacob came to Momo’s, he was gifted a sweatshirt and hat, apparel his mother says he wears “proudly.”

Sam Beccaris, a popular and veteran bartender at Momo’s Too, said of Jacob, “[He is] such a sweet kid! He lights up a room and is always excited to get his Momo’s hamburger. He’s a reminder to enjoy the little things in life. Everyone should be more like Jacob!”


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