Local pub and haberdasher raise thousands for holiday gifts


Giving back to the community that has grown and supported them, Momo’s Too pub owner, Rich Comunale, and Island Life apparel proprietor, Bill Davis, wanted to make Christmas extra special this year for clients at Angela’s House. In discussing all the love they have received from the local towns, Comunale and Davis thought of combining their business efforts to raise funds to buy gifts—both necessities and niceties—for families in difficult circumstances due to medical issues. 

Unveiling a limited edition “Island Life” T-shirt in Momo’s edgy black and red colors, Comunale and his devoted colleagues wore the apparel and shared the worthy cause with their enthusiastic patrons: for $20, taking no profit, each shirt would raise $10 towards a fund for the children and families of Angela’s House, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started by the Policastro family to help those with developmental disabilities. From just October to early December, Comunale and Davis raised nearly $3,000 and sold close to 300 T-shirts for their donation to Angela’s House. Momo’s Too in Bayport now has around 250 presents—toys, clothes, crafts, makeup, games, gift cards—for Angela’s House recipients in its Christmas display. Comunale and Davis split their time and shopped respectively for a range of age groups, from 3 to 11 and 12 to teenager, at Target and Costco.

The mantra of “Island Life” as helping the community is particularly important to Davis, who says of his catchy brand name, “Island life is what it means to you. Is it the beach? Closeness to the city? Bagels? It’s an encompassing idea where everyone is welcome to the ‘island life’ because we all value each other on the island.” Comunale’s wife and co-owner, Tracey, who is often decorating Momo’s Too to be festive and inviting, helped design the T-shirt that proved popular in aesthetic as well as in its cause to patrons. 

Of the fundraising initiative, Comunale said, “I bought the first batch of T-shirts outright. I am so appreciative of the community I grew up in and my role now in its commerce that I value greatly. To give back as a business owner is to come full circle with the dream I had when I opened my place.” 


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